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Yank Barry’s Three Life Chapters

April 30, 2017

Most people would be happy with one good life, but Yank Barry can be said to have had three very distinct and very successful lives. During Yank Barry’s first chapter, he was a very successful musician, with nearly 30 years in the music industry. He was the lead singer for The Footprints, whose biggest hit was "Never Say Die," for example, and then he followed that with a stint as the lead singer for the The Kingsmen, at least their touring band, so he got to sing with some of the greatest rock and rollers of all time. Not only that, but he was also a commercial jingle writer, penning some of the most important jingles for a few of the most popular brands around.

Yank Barry’s second chapter saw him become a highly successful food entrepreneur and executive with Vitapro, makers of a dehydrated soy-based meat-replacement product. It was as he travelled the world for that company that lurched Yank into a path that led to his third chapter, featuring Yank Barry as a philanthropist. It was an excellent choice.

Yank Barry’s work with Global Village Champions Foundation, his global hunger initiative, has practically been legendary. That group has served up more than one billion meals to hungry people throughout the world since he founded it in 1995. Yank Barry tends to work closely local agencies and NGO's all over the world to bring. Needed services to people in many areas. In fact, he also goes into politically unstable areas where few others would bother to go. And that doesn’t mean he writes a check and sends money, either. No, Yank and his wife Yvette go into those areas themselves and help, even when they are helping and saving refugees from war-torn areas of Syria, Iraq and Iran, which has been their focus in recent years.